BP 10

This article is about the ride-hailing company Uber and whether or not the business has really had an effect on drunken driving. It seems like common sense that because of this business, people would just get an Uber rather than take the risk of driving drunk.

Several studies were conducted and both positive and negative results were found. Some studies show that Uber hasn’t really any correlation to the number of drunk drivers in certain cities. They back their results up by saying people who decide to drive drunk aren’t the most rational thinkers so they don’t think to order an Uber they just decide to drive. Another argument supporting this was that the number of drivers per country compared to the number of Uber’s is much greater so it doesn’t really make a difference. But several other studies showed that Uber has made a significant impact on the number of drunk driving in large cities. With about a 25-30 percent decline in the amount of alcohol related collisions.

I chose to relate this article to Glaucon’s idea that people will commit unjust acts knowing that they won’t get caught. I think that when people choose to drive drunk it is often times when they think they really haven’t drank that much or they don’t have far to drive so they won’t get caught. I also believe that drunk driving is something that people often get away with so if they do it and succeed one or two times, they will continue to do it until they get caught.

A lot of people try to rationalize with drunk driving as well. Saying that they didn’t have that much to drink and that they are fine to drive. But most people don’t really know their limits and aren’t in the right mind set to make such a life threatening decision. This is a big problem that most people would drive drunk because they don’t have to go far and they won’t get caught because their own as well as others safety is at large risk and innocent people are dying from drunk drivers.

BP #9

In this article, a transgender student from Chicago discusses her battle with being able to use the locker room of her choice. She now changes in the girls locker room which is the one that she prefers and chooses to change behind blocked off curtains. This is considered a victory for her because she had been fighting for this right for a long time.

This issue is highly discussed in America today as some legal changes are in process. It seems that more conservative or religious people are not okay with people using the bathroom of their choice. Seems a bit contradictory to me because from what I was taught in my years of growing up catholic was that “God loves ALL of his children.”

I am going to relate this issue to the veil of ignorance. I don’t believe that I have talked about this theory yet in any of my blog posts. What I understand the veil of ignorance to be is that you are behind a veil and you know nothing of yourself or of others such as race, religion, sex, or position in society. If people lived this way then I believe we would truly view everyone as equal and a lot of our problems in society could be solved. In my personal opinion, I think people that don’t give respect to those who are a different race, religion, sexuality, etc, are arrogant and essentially ruining our society rather than the one’s who are transgender or etc.

I also want to relate this issue of transgender people and bathrooms to McFall’s idea of consistency among belief and action. It takes a lot of integrity for a transgender person to accept who they are and fight for their rights knowing the struggles that they will go through. It also takes integrity for those who aren’t transgender to accept those who are and treat them equally. Especially young people who’s parents may be against it. The last point I want to make is that I really think that it is the older generation of conservatives or just those who don’t accept all genders are the main problem. I bet if you ask the younger generation if they care what bathroom a transgender person uses most of us would not care. If it were me, I would want to privilege of using whatever bathroom that I please and it is only fair that we treat everyone equally.

BP #8

This article is about Bob Baffert and his long term journey with thoroughbred horse training. Baffert explains how he made it from the very bottom all the way to the top of this big money business. . He explains that it was never about the money for him, he did this because of his love for the horses and the sport itself. It was a long journey with many up’s and down’s but even when he wanted to give up, he kept pursuing his dream.  Since then, Baffert has become the most well-known horse trainer around the world. He recorded two world cup victories as well as the sweep of the triple crown a few years ago with the horse American Pharoah.

I think that Bob Baffert is a good example of McFall’s idea on consistency among belief and actions. He is living proof of integrity because just when things got hard and he wanted to give up, he kept pushing himself and ended up at the top. He stood up for what he believed in which was his love for horses and the sport. He explained that it wasn’t about the money for him and I think he proved that because he started from the very bottom of the spectrum and it took him years of hard work to advance. Baffert is a great example for other people who are pursuing their dreams not to give up and that with hard work and a good outlook on life, dreams can come true. By staying consistent and acting towards what he believed in, Bob Baffert has become one of the most famous and successful horse trainers in the world.


BP #5

The departments of education and justice under the direction of President Trump has decided that it needs to further consider the legal issues regarding transgender bathrooms in schools. By insisting that further research takes place it is implying that transgender students are not equal to the rest of the students that they attend school with. This is could pay a toll on their self-esteem and their rights and protection as a student.

Discrimination of transgenders in school has caused many students to drop out and can negatively affect them psychologically and financially. By not allowing transgenders to use the bathroom as they please is harming themselves more than it is harming non-transgender people.

In the United States we live and die by the concept that “all men are created equal” as stated in the declaration of independence. Or in other words, all people are created and treated equally. This ties into one of the two principles from the reading of equal rights and equal responsibilities. If all people are created and treated equally then why are we having an issue regarding what bathroom transgender students use?

This topic can also relate to consequentialism or acts that are morally right just because they maximize the amount of goodness in the world. In this case, trump and the departments of education and justice may feel that by doing more research on this topic is what is best for the country but what about what is right for the transgender community? They too are a part of this country.

It is hard to decipher this issue of transgender people because while it may seem wrong to allow them in bathrooms to some people, it seems wrong to others not to allow them to use the bathroom as they please. I think this is an issue that our country is going to have to figure out and eventually live with. As we continue to make changes to policies such as legalizing gay marriage, it is only fair that we make some changes for the transgender community as well. When considering utilitarianism, is it going to make transgender people more happy that they get to use the bathroom as they please, or non-transgenders more happy that they cant use the bathroom as they please? At the end of the day going to the bathroom is a private matter anyways, so are people really going to notice or be concerned who is using the toilet next to them?

Blog Post #4

This article is about two long time friends Nick Chavin and Robert Durst. Mr. Durst’s wife Kathleen and his neighbor were both murdered in the past and no one was ever prosecuted for the deaths. Mr. Chavin came to the defense of his friend thinking that he could never kill his wife or his neighbor. Years later the two had dinner together because Chavin wanted to talk about the two women that were killed. Before leaving, Mr. Durst said to Nick Chavin, “I had to do it, it was her or me.” That is all that was said before the two parted ways and it was then that NIck Chavin knew his friend was a murderer. Even though they had been friends for a very long time, 72 year old Chavin knew he had to bring this back to court.

Tying this story in with Glaucon’s idea that people will do bad things if they don’t think they will get caught I think it is obvious that Mr. Durst killed his wife and neighbor thinking that he wouldn’t get caught and he got away with it for a long time. I mentioned the speeding in traffic example in class and it’s situations like that why I agree with Glaucon’s theory. As for Mr. Chavin, I think that it must have been really hard for him to turn in a long time friend for such a serious accusation. But he felt that it was the right thing to do maybe not for his friend, but for the two people and their families that had passed. That goes along with consequentialism. I think that people think consequentially everyday when making decisions. Before we act, we usually think about the consequences of those actions to determine what the best decision would be and I’m sure Mr. Chavin thought about the consequence of losing a long time friend before turning him in for murder.

BP #2


These days it is getting harder to find jobs without a college degree. Factory jobs are becoming much more demanding with the skills that they require their employees to obtain, skills that require a college education in which some people are not capable or willing to receive.

The company Siemens Energy discusses how less than 15 percent of people seeking a job there were able to pass a reading, writing and math screening at about a ninth grade level. With technology becoming such an important tool in today’s society, the qualifications of workers is becoming more demanding. The John Deere Company discussed how a high school diploma was no longer good enough to fulfill the jobs.

Both of these companies came up with apprenticeship programs in which people work partly for the company while receiving the education needed to complete the job. After they complete the program they are usually guaranteed a job and a respective yearly salary. It is putting factory jobs and companies like this at risk not being able to find people with a high enough education to do these jobs.

So is it ethical or reasonable for companies to demand these people to receive a higher education for factory jobs? I believe that there has to be some outlet for people that don’t decide to go to college, but I also feel that there are jobs out there for everyone. If you don’t decide to go to college then you probably have to put up with receiving a lower income. These apprenticeship programs are a good solution to this issue but people need to be willing to put in the work and time to complete the programs.

In class we discussed the topic of specific features that make someone a professional. One of those requirements of a professional was a certification process. These programs are the process someone must go through to be a professional in their field even if it is a factory job. But who is to say that some people who don’t go to college aren’t a professional in their career? I work in a warehouse currently and many of the workers have no college education but are far more advanced in the field than others who did go to college. That just goes to show that knowledge can come from experience as well. For example, my dad went to school for criminal justice and ended up finding a career in sales. Technically he is supposed to be considered a “professional” in criminal justice because that is what he went to school for but he ended up having far more success in being a sales representative than he would have in what he received his degree in.
I guess what I am getting from this article and what we discussed in class is that defining someone as a professional is very vague. Like we talked about with the professional athletes. They are considered to be a professional in their field but do they all obtain the features and characteristics that the reading said to be considered a professional.