REVISE: Blog Post 3

Due to lack of sales, Nordstrom pulled Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their stores. President Trump tweeted from his personal account and his presidential account. He tweeted from his personal account stating, “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” This tweet has also been retweeted by his POTUS Twitter account. Nordstrom works with many executive branches, which are lead by the President’s appointees. The President can easily make life difficult for the store after this situation.

Department stores are now aware of the situation and are knowledgable enough not to make the same mistake. The free markets are now at risk with President Trump intimidating brands such as Nordstrom. Ironically for the president, Nordstrom stock shares went up almost 5% since he tweeted about the brand and their business decision.

McFall’s position on integrity is about the individual and our moral commitments. McFall states in, Standing for Something that “One cannot maintain one’s integrity if one has unconditional commitments that conflict, for example, justice and personal happiness or conditional commitments that cannot be ranked, for example, truth telling and kindness,” (Martin, 298-299).

With the position that President Trump has in this country compared to this situation has a big impact on the publics’ opinion, especially supporters of his own. Since he has been elected, the American people have been concerned with freedom of religion and press, and now the free market is at risk, especially with an American company. Using his power to help his daughter keep her line at Nordstrom is an ethical violation, intimidation, lack of integrity, and an abuse of power in his position. Nordstrom’s decision to cut Ivanka’s line was a business decision and the president interpreted it as a political decision by using his position and both of his Twitter accounts.

This also brings up an interesting point that our President is more concerned with a customer service issue and has time to tweet about it than anything else that’s going on in our country. The President’s Twitter account should not be used as a marketing tool to mcmake money.

McFall states that, “some of our principles or commitments are more important to us than others. Those that can be sacrificed without remorse may be called defeasible commitment… If we go against these commitments we destroy our moral identity” (Martin, 301).

In the case of President Trump he lacks integrity because of his unconditional commitment of personal happiness and the success of his daughter. McFall believes one type of coherence is that simple consistency within one’s set of principles or commitments. Using his power for personal gain and happiness for himself and his daughter.



Martin, C. W., Vaught, W., & Solomon, R. C. (2017). Ethics across the professions: a reader for professional ethics. New York: Oxford University Press.


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