Revised BP3

This article is about multiple scandals that have recently come to light at Baylor University. There are reports of drug use, physical assault, domestic violence, brandishing of guns, indecent exposure, and academic fraud. According to the article, these have all seemed to vanish; go completely under the radar. When some of these scandals did come to light, the main football coach and university president were both fired.

The athletes and coaches involved in these horrible acts were clearly scared of the consequences because of how hard they tried to keep them covered. After reading about Rawls’ Ring of Gyges, we discussed whether people would commit unjust acts if there were no consequences. It is evident that the people at Baylor would continue to be unjust, if not become more unjust citizens.

When the coaches at Baylor found out about these terrible acts, they did not bring them forward to authorities. In fact, they went as far as helping to cover them up. Although they did not commit the acts themselves, the act of helping to cover it up is just as unethical and wrong.

When talking about Utilitarianism, the moral community is known as those whose interests we are morally obligated to consider for their own sake. It consists of all beings capable of suffering. These players who committed these acts simply do not care about any moral community. They knowingly and willingly infringed on people’s rights, knew the people would suffer, and continued to harm them while trying to cover up their actions. The players only cared about their own feelings, not about anyone in the moral community.

It should be our hope as human beings that people will not commit unjust actions regardless if consequences are in play or not. It is also a hope that people will be respectful in the moral community and take people’s feelings into consideration.



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