Revised BP 2

The company 84 Lumber is running an advertisement in the Super Bowl this year for the first time. Their initial plan was to show a Spanish-speaking mother and daughter on a journey while showing Americans building a large structure. A wall would stop the mother and daughter and then a patriotic symbol would show a door for them to enter, which is what the Americans were building. The final line would read, “The will to succeed will always be welcome here.”

There are professionals on either side of this case that are affected by this decision. According to Aristotle, the necessary features of a professional are extensive training, that training having an intellectual component, and providing an important service to society. Professionals in the workplace have to maintain a certain code of ethics while performing their tasks, while also holding onto their own morals.

Maggie Hardy Magerko is the president and owner of 84 Lumber. It is her job as a professional in her field to show the public what she determines will be necessary and effective. She strongly disagreed with Fox’s decision to cancel the advertisement. Is she sacrificing her integrity when she rewrites the commercial to fit Fox’s demands?

I think the answer to this question is complicated. If you are just speaking from her “moral compass” perspective, the answer would be yes. Tailoring her product to fit someone else’s beliefs and morals would be sacrificing her own integrity.

On the other hand, it is Fox’s Network and they have the right to ban any advertisement they want. It is Maggie’s professional responsibility to comply with the rules. Unless she quits and creates a video on her own and posts it from her own account, she has to follow the rules set for her.


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