BP 3 – Revised

Click here for the original article – “The Lesson of Nordstrom: Do Business With the Trumps or Else”, via The New York Times

The clothing company, Nordstrom, decided the stop selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line  at its stores because it hadn’t been selling well. President Trump publicly responded to Nordstrom’s actions toward his daughter on twitter by saying that she has been treated unfairly by them.

Reading this article, it relates directly to discussion about the Law of Nature. After talking about how naturally, one with power can take away from one with lesser power, it has become more relevant. Ivanka wasn’t being treated unfairly, she was being treated as fair as it can get. She was treated like anyone else would be if their clothing line wasn’t selling well. The President clearly expects special treatment for the Trump name.

The very first sentence of the article says, “It is a clear violation of federal ethics rules for White House staff members, or any federal employees, to use their official positions for private gain”. The President used his authority and title to simply scare the company and others who might do the same.

No, President Trump didn’t force Nordstrom to start selling Ivanka’s clothing line again or threaten the, but the President of the Unites States simply tweeting about a company can effect their brand in different ways to different publics. If it were another designer getting their line pulled from the racks, it would’t be in an article or trending on twitter if it wasn’t the president’s daughter or a legal matter.

The President used his official position, including both of his twitter accounts (yes that includes the POTUS account) to publicly strike at a company. Maybe other fathers would feel the same way and do the same thing, but this is The President of the United States. Using that power to inflict on a company is ethically wrong because the Law of Nature is not rational in today’s society.


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