BP 9 Revised

Stanford and South Carolina head to semifinals with two of the greatest, strongest women coaching. Tara VanDerveer, Stanford women’s basketball coach, coached the 1996 olympic women’s basketball team who won gold. Dawn Staley, South Carolina’s women’s basketball coach, has won three gold olympic medals herself and has just recently been named the 2020 women’s basketball coach for the Tokyo summer olympics. These two incredible, professional, and successful women face off tonight to compete for a spot in the final round of the women’s division one march madness basketball bracket. Since the Title IX was enacted, gender equality law, more than 90% of women were head coaches. Today, we see no more than 40% of women coaching. This article goes on to talk about the inequality between the coaching of a male and female. Within these past few years men have become for interested in coaching women’s basketball just for the salary. With this inequality between women coaching a women’s team and men coaching a women’s team is unjust.

As this article talks a little about the gender wage gap, I believe social virtue plays a role in this article. As a basketball fan and previous player, the amount of money brought in by men’s basketball games versus women’s basketball is a huge difference. But when it comes to the coaches, men or women, they put in the same amount of time and effort into their job. Another thing that I thought inflicted in this article was the definitions of happiness, According to Aristotle, wealth, honor/fame, and pleasure do not account for a human’s happiness. That goes for a basketball coach or any kind of coach. Or even for an profession for that matter. Women basketball coaches are happy because they are doing what they love. Not because they get the fame and honor the men’s basketball coaches get. Not saying those coaches who are praised are unhappy, they are just more well known and fall under the three keys to “hapiness.” Each and every coach has the wisdom and knowledge to coach. To have wisdom is a key factor of being in a state of happiness. Being a coach they have to have certain values and morals because they are coaching a group of people who look up to them and admire the work they do.



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