BP 8 Revision

Google Gives Parents Greater Powers

Patrycia Piontek

The phrase parental lock has come into the new age when Google created a family link that gives parents the complete control to limit their children’s use of the internet. With the rapid popularity of technology at a younger age, parents have lost control of what their children see. Last Wednesday, Google launched ‘Family Link’, with changed Google’s policy on child accounts. Previously, children under the age 13 could not create an account, however with Family Link, they now have them. Provided they are set up only through Family Link, and are validated by a parent.

Along with filtering the internet, parents are given an administrative app they can use to locate their child’s device on a map. Along with being able to ring it if its lost in the couch cushions, remotely adjust account and device settings or even do a factory-reset if the phone is lost. Other functions allow parents to set time constraints and ‘off-limits’ hours, and see how long children have spent on an app. Perhaps too much of a game, a parent has the control to turn off the app for a while.

Consequentialism says acts are just because they maximize the amount of goodness in the world. The optimific action is the act that produces the greatest balance of benefits. Google has found their optimific action and are working to globalize it. They identified that their customers are comfortable with their tool, however are one edge about the lack of control it gives them over their kids computer habits.

Currently the app is only for android users, with the latest software. Google said it should be available for IPhone users in the upcoming month or so. The only downside with the creation of this account, Google is allowed to collect information about the children by their uses of google services, their device, their location, and more. The advertising will be age -appropriate and based on their online searches. Accounts can be deleted at any time by the parent, or when the child turns 13, the age which COPPA no longer applies.

It is very important to understand that the optimific action is the action that generates the greatest equal balance of happiness. Googles new policy creates happiness for the children so they are allowed to create accounts before they are thirteen, and also keeps the parents happy watching over their children and establishing control.



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