BP 3 Revision

BP 3: Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary With VP Pence’s Tiebreaking Vote

Patrycia Piontek

This past week Vice President Mike Pence broke a tie on who to vote in Betsey DeVos, billionaire from Michigan, as the new Secretary of Education. Democrats were infuriated when she was the candidate who won. According to many popular posts on Facebook, many people believe she is unqualified and unprepared for the role. They are afraid that her education that was predominantly if not completely all private education. Thus, making her unaware of the problems many public schools face, and how many public school teachers are over worked and under paid.

After calculating the votes, the consensus showed that all 46 Democrats voted no for her. After Pence voted her in, it was marked in history as the first-time a vice president broke a tie to confirm a cabinet secretary.

As a result of the vote, public school teachers and many parents are already pushing back with phone calls, letters and social media posts. This nomination and degradation of the school system will not go unnoticed. Many senators that voted against her because she’s very unfamiliar with what the job entails, like the Disabilities Education Act for instance.

Bayles generates a list of necessary features of how to identify a professional. (1) a profession requires extensive training (ex. Lawyer), (2) training has an intellectual component (ex. hard facts), (3) provides important service to society (ex. Doctors). Referencing Betsy DeVos, she has taken on the roll as a public service representative. However, has no previous training or education in the profession. Her plan is to implement a plan to stop funding public schools because she feels they aren’t really benefiting anyone. When in reality, the majority of students going to public schools do so because that is all they can afford. But it still supplies them with an education, which is all they’re looking for.

As a result of the negativity from democrats and angered education activists, DeVos is at risk of becoming the first cabinet pick in 28 years to be rejected. According to the article, ‘DeVos was also helped by a rule change implemented in 2013 that made it easier for cabinet picks to win confirmation. The change removed the filibuster option for such picks, effectively lowered the threshold by 10 votes.’

Overall, voting in Betsy DeVos, was in a way the same way the laws of nature, help Trump put anyone in office who in turn helps him have personal gain.




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