BP #9

Tuesday there was an incident regarding a Grand Valley State student apart of the fraternity Kappa Sigma whom made a controversial online post about rape. Patrick Borum who had recently been appointed to student senate stated, “Rape culture isn’t real”. The post was later deleted and he made a comment that it was interpreted incorrectly and later stepped down from his position because of the hate mail that he got from fellow GVSU students. After the post was made, later that a night a town hall meeting was made about rape culture, which was the reason for the subject to be brought up.

I thought the post itself was very immature, and heartless and I’m happy that Borum can see what he did do wrong. I believe this can be related towards utilitarianism and moral community in a way that Borum lacked moral obligations and respect towards individuals who may have been impacted by any rape actions in their history.

I also believe it can be related towards John Rawls Justice as Fairness writings in a way that Borum didn’t know what he was doing until the consequences were there. The veil of ignorance is a thought experiment that can be ignorant to the contingent features of themselves and the things about us that could have been otherwise. Borum was ignorant with his post and if it wasn’t posted, things could have been otherwise and his life would have been in better shape. We will ultimately see what the outcome is for he as well as the fraternity in the coming days.






2 thoughts on “BP #9

  1. I like that you chose to write about an issue that we could all relate too because we all go to GV. I had no idea about this incident and I am glad that I am now informed. I agree with you that the post was very unnecessary and heartless towards those who may have been negatively impacted from the issue. Great job!


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