BP #10

US forces took troubles into their own hands earlier this week and decided to make the action of bombing Syrian areas that had chemical weapons. The nations regime was known for killing thousands of innocent adults and children by using chemical warfare. Trump’s first major act was get US forces to bomb the areas of where the weapons were being made.

While anything Donald Trump does will ultimately end up with individuals giving him trouble for his decisions, I think this can be directly correlated with utilitarianism. For the Syrian country, they believed it was for greater good to end the chemical warfare in that country. By taking action to the chemical warfare, Trump gave the affected population of Syria an improvement to their overall well-being and it maximized their overall goodness.

Utilitarianism is a method for making moral decisions and I do indeed believe Trump’s decision to make that action was the best action that created the greatest net balance of happiness over unhappiness. He did what he had to do because it was the right thing to do. As said by Syrian native Mr. Abbas, “Watching a world power taking revenge for civilians against the Syrian regime gave me a surge of hope and made me a bit optimistic.” In the next year, we will see what could happen between the two nations, but for now the US is in 100% control.




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