BP #10: Hannah Is a Girl. Doctors Finally Treat Her Like One.

The debate over whether it is ethical to allow transgender people to be publicly accepted in every aspect always seems to be changing. President Trump used to be for allowing these people equal rights in public, but now seems to be shifting his views. This article is a story about a girl named Hannah who was born a male, and her journey through entering the transgender world.

Hannah decided very early on in her life, at about age 14 to be exact, that she wanted to be a girl. The doctors then placed a puberty-blocking implant inside of her to start this process. Studies show that if we accept these people and their decision to change what type of gender they are, then we will lower suicide and depression rates dramatically. This has been the main reason that doctors and facilities have made these procedures more well known and support them.

In Universities, it is now mandatory to incorporate these lectures and studies in class, because it is an up and coming practice that will begin to become more popular as people start to open up to the idea of change. In many places, it was frowned upon and considered unethical up until this point, so lots of people aren’t happy with this new change in curriculum or society.

I believe that not allowing this practice is unethical. Mainly, because if someone is willing to open up about their sexuality and want to make this change, we should have the understanding and willingness to not judge their decision. It is morally wrong to be unaccepting of this change when it can make them the happiest they’ve ever been, and decrease suicide and depression rates significantly. Mill’s Utilitarianism idea, also known as, the Greatest Happiness Principle, reminds us that the most important thing is the greatest overall happiness for the greatest amount of people. I believe that the greatest happiness will be achieved by allowing these people to make this decision without being judged, and others to be accepting as if they are 100% equal.



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