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As we all know the Flint water crisis is still an ongoing concern for many residents. Thankfully, Michigan has finally agreed to spend $87 million in state and federal funds to replace over 18,000 lead pipes in the next three years. The issue was addressed as an emergency in January 2016 by Gov. Rick Snyder however, it was years before that when contamination truly started.

This environmental crisis left people damage physically, emotionally, and financially. We should consider how important it is to have the necessary funding to resolve issues such as these. Unfortunately, Trump’s administration has reduced this budget by 31%, which could make the next environmental crisis harder to resolve.

We can refer this issue back to our readings on justice and fairness. It’s too bad it took a lawsuit in order to receive justice on this problem. It was not fair for the state to ignore the complaints of the 40% of residents that lived in poverty. There was no justice when the issue first arose in 2014 and Gov. Snyder tried saving money to switching the water source to the contaminated Flint River when lead started leaching from pipes.

A question we all have probably ask is, would the governor live like this? I don’t believe he imagined himself in the position of these residents because with the evidence it doesn’t look like a happy life. However, after the lawsuit, I’m glad and I’m sure many residents are glad to finally receive justice they deserved for awhile. An important quote we should think about that the author of this article writes is, “Michigan has taken a step forward; Washington must not take a step back.”


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