BP #10

The chemical attack on Syria has left the United Nations in a state of disbelief. The United States, France and Britain have accused the Syrian government for responsibility of the attack because of the lack of security and knowledge surrounding this whole scenario. In addition, the United Nations also criticized Russia (Syria’s ally) who blocked a robust response to the attack on Tuesday, which left the death toll to exceed 100. Russia had claimed that insurgents may have been responsible, but this isn’t the first  time Russia has used the same false narrative to deflect attention away from their allies. Due to Syria’s and Russia’s lethargic actions in regards to this unexpected attack has lead the United Nations to come together on a draft resolution. This document calls for those responsible to be held accountable and that a UN security force be dispatched to Syria with hopes that the United States leading the charge. The Syrian government will be obliged to cooperate with international investigators looking into the use of chemical weapons. This will include turning over all flight logs, flight plans and the names of commanding officers in charge of the air operations on the day of the chemical strike.

Nikki Haley, United States ambassador, said that the U.S. may ‘take our own action’ on the Syrian chemical attack. That made me think back to ‘the ring of Gyges’ and how just because you have to ability to do something doesn’t always mean that you should go through with it or that it is morally correct. However, the current situation with this chemical attack has almost been a call to action. The United States has the biggest military power out of any other country, with that being said, the U.S. is certainly capable of providing a security force to prevent a similar event in the future. Relating the current situation back to the Ring of Gyges, its like the ground is just opened up to reveal the ring that will make the wearer invisible and the U.S. is about to slip it on and head to the king’s castle or Syria and change things up a bit. So in conclusion, due to the severity as well as the context of the situation taking action is morally required, and since the U.S. has a more than capable military to provide Syria with a security force, they are almost morally obligated to take action and make a difference.



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