BP #9

In this article, a transgender student from Chicago discusses her battle with being able to use the locker room of her choice. She now changes in the girls locker room which is the one that she prefers and chooses to change behind blocked off curtains. This is considered a victory for her because she had been fighting for this right for a long time.

This issue is highly discussed in America today as some legal changes are in process. It seems that more conservative or religious people are not okay with people using the bathroom of their choice. Seems a bit contradictory to me because from what I was taught in my years of growing up catholic was that “God loves ALL of his children.”

I am going to relate this issue to the veil of ignorance. I don’t believe that I have talked about this theory yet in any of my blog posts. What I understand the veil of ignorance to be is that you are behind a veil and you know nothing of yourself or of others such as race, religion, sex, or position in society. If people lived this way then I believe we would truly view everyone as equal and a lot of our problems in society could be solved. In my personal opinion, I think people that don’t give respect to those who are a different race, religion, sexuality, etc, are arrogant and essentially ruining our society rather than the one’s who are transgender or etc.

I also want to relate this issue of transgender people and bathrooms to McFall’s idea of consistency among belief and action. It takes a lot of integrity for a transgender person to accept who they are and fight for their rights knowing the struggles that they will go through. It also takes integrity for those who aren’t transgender to accept those who are and treat them equally. Especially young people who’s parents may be against it. The last point I want to make is that I really think that it is the older generation of conservatives or just those who don’t accept all genders are the main problem. I bet if you ask the younger generation if they care what bathroom a transgender person uses most of us would not care. If it were me, I would want to privilege of using whatever bathroom that I please and it is only fair that we treat everyone equally.


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