BP #9 Uber Executive Accused of Stealing


Anthony Levandowski formerly worked for Google as the head of the self-driving car project. He is now working for Uber in a similar position as is being accused of stealing Google technology to use at Uber. Mr. Levandowski is said to have downloaded software at Google that allowed him to take over 14,000 files, about 9.7 GB of data. He is now invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Uber is now attempted to prove that there driverless car technology is not stolen, whether or not Mr. Levandowski stole information.

Uber is saying that their technology wasn’t stolen, and I believe their actions and there words align. If Mr. Levandowski had lost his position at the company, it may be questionable. Through this, Uber is displaying integrity. Mr. Levandowski, on the other hand, is lying and concealing from others by pleading the fifth. He is basically declining to talk about it at this point. But, the fifth amendment is a fundamental right for Americans since the Bill of Rights was put into place, so it is unclear what Calhoun’s take on this would be. The fifth amendment says that you can’t be forced to self-incriminate. So Mr. Levandowski can’t be forced to testify in the case, it must be proven through other evidence.

From a PR stand point, both the Uber company as a whole and Mr. Levandowski seem to be attempting to keep their reputations in tack as they are in the business world.


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