BP #9

Link to article about fake doctor.

Professionals carry with them a certain responsibility. When we go to a professional for advice, or a procedure we give them our trust. One of the professions we tend to trust the most is doctors. We are willing to put our very lives in their hands. Having someone break that trust is one of the worst things they can do. Yet, that is exactly what Oneal Ron Morris did.

There are three necessary features needed for a job to be considered a profession. First it must require extensive training. Second that training must have an intellectual component. Last the job needs to provide an important service to society. Morris lied about being a doctor, and practiced medicine without a license. She did not meet any of the three criteria stated above. Yet, she still took on the name of a professional. Morris was not only withholding information from her clients, she was outright laying to them. Because of this one of the women she worked on died from an injection she administered to her body.

People where directly hurt because of her deception. She was willing to hurt them to satisfy her greed. I doubt she planned to go so far as to murder someone, but that is what her actions eventually lead too. Deception is a moral failure that can lead to outcomes not even the deceiver can see. It also tends to come back for revenge, as Morris recently found out.

Morris was charged with manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license in the summer of 2012, and last month pleaded no contest to both. On Monday, a judge sentenced Morris to 10 years in prison and five years’ probation for her crimes. I can only hope that she thinks about how her lying has caused both herself, and her victoms so much pain while she is in prison.


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