BP 9

BP 9
Patrycia Piontek

McDonald’s to Switch to Fresh Beef in Quarter Pounders

On March 30th, the Wall Street Journal published an article announcing huge news that McDonald’s will be switching to FRESH BEEF in quarter pounders. The reason this is such an exciting decision is that the fast food chain, McDonald’s, has been using frozen beef since the 1970’s! Due to current business struggles because of stiff competition, like Wendy’s – who have used fresh patties for months, or Smashburger – which makes larger fresh ground beef burgers served with an array of toppings. After constant attempts to increase their customer base by offering sandwich and wrap alternatives, it failed by actually declining the amount of customers going to those franchises.

McDonalds has always used 100% beef with no fillers, additives or preservatives, but the patties have always been flash-frozen. So they have never had ‘questionable’ meat, but with the new fresh beef promotion, the formed patties will be shipped fresh to restaurants, where workers will add salt and pepper and sear them on a grill. Experts are sure that the change will instantly cause a huge increase in customers. Although a huge concern they have is the possible price increase with the switch to fresh beef, which most likely will not agree with customers.

The implementation will commence mid-2018 but the executives assure their customers that this fresh beef switch is just a start. They plan on continuing on the burger line, and possibly including other changes. Another concern would be the amount of time it takes to get the fresh patties out. They want to make sure it’s the same quality and speed as before the transformation. With McDonald’s constantly scoring low on fast food surveys, they have experimented with all different things, pricing, buns, etc, but nothing seemed to agree with their customer base. Although they have a long way to go before they get back to the top, their fresh beef idea is a great way to start. I know I’d like a fresh burger fast.




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