BP #9: In School Nurse’s Room: Tylenol, Bandages and an Antidote to Heroin

This article expresses the opinions in the recent debate over schools around the country being able to allow a drug over dose antidotes in their nurses office. Faculty argue that it is necessary in case of emergency especially due to the dramatic changes in kids now a days in relation to their involvement in drugs and alcohol. It is thought of like a defibrillator, in that it is very rarely used, but when necessary, it saves a life that otherwise could not have been saved. Many people are concerned that this is an issue that you cannot waste any time on, and if the student had to wait for an EMS service to arrive, they would most likely not be able to be revived.

It is argued on the reverse side, that we cannot allow our schools to carry this due to sending the wrong message to students, staff, and families, that the school involves itself in drug usage. This is a false acclimation because schools should be able to have these antidotes on hand in case of an emergency and unfortunately times are changing, so they need to adapt effectively in order to maintain the high standard of student health care importance in schools.

Many schools around America are participating in allowing antidotes to be kept in the nurses office. The State Department of Health in select states, allow a free kit to be provided to every school, containing two doses of antidote. They claim that they are going to be prepared no matter what, for the sake of the student; regardless of what other popular public opinions may be.

This matter relates very much so to the ethics of McFall in that maintaining our consistency among our moral beliefs and actions must stay constant no matter the extent of the situation. Many people may think that they would have the students best interest in mind when a health care emergency occurs, but very few would allow these antidotes to be accessible by schools. Its like saying that people believe its okay to have a defibrillator accessible in case of sudden arrest of the heart, but in case of a drug over dose we cannot have an antidote to save them because why? It’s the same concept. But since it is drug related, it immediately has a negative outlook. McFall states in the Olaf Principle “Some things we aren’t prepared to do, but must do.” This principle requires some of ones commitments to be unconditional, and I believe this is exactly what school faculty is living by when they consider the overall essential back up plan for students.

It is important to remain consistent in your believes regardless of the situation, and to consider maintaining our consistency in our actions as well. Allow this example to influence your perspective on necessary things we need to be prepared to have, even though it is placed in an education system. Times are changing, and people are changing. This is enough of a reason to make sure schools are provided with the best care in case of a life altering event taking place!


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