BP #7


This article highlights president Trumps latest efforts to repeal Obamacare and continue with his agenda. In the three month blitz the republicans tried to appeal the affordable care act their efforts were met with disappointment. Congress shut down Trump in his first legislative showdown and he was not happy about it to say the least. Trump continued to express how unpleased he was with the result of the decision by claiming the affordable care act would explode because of high premiums.

“Mr. Trump, in a telephone interview moments after the bill was pulled, blamed Democrats and predicted that they would seek a deal within a year, he asserted, after “Obamacare explodes” because of high premiums.”

This lead me to think about about the topic of Utilitarianism and how it can be applied to this situation. In the united states there is a vast diversity of people and their respective socio economic situations. When considering this, like the president should, has has to think of the overall utility of the nation and how each individual at each socio economic placement and whats best for them. When considering the utility of a nation generally you should consider the placement of the individuals that have the least and move up from there due to the different needs they have. Seems to me like Trump likes to start at the top and move down the list.

Hopefully in the near future Trump will come up with a health care act that can be agreed upon in congress and positively affect as many people as possible. For the time being the affordable care  acts remains in place until, as president Trump predicts, it will explode. Until the next repeal, Republican leaders need to come up with a bill that is less doomed to eliminate federal standards for the minimum benefits that must be provided.


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