BP#8: Trump Warns House Republicans-Repeal Health Law or Lose Your Seats

On Tuesday March 21, 2017, the put pressure are on Republicans that are insubordinate to the favor of President Trumps “bill to overhaul the health care system”. He’s threatened to take their positions away from them if they fail to comply by his appeal to the Affordable Care Act. There was a series of meetings that where held in the White House and on Capitol Hill by the President, Vice President, and Republican congressional leaders over the details of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. Legislation was schedule for a floor vote this past Thursday. In the New Your Times article it stated that, “the president delivered a blunt warning that many of those present would lose their seats in next year’s midterm congressional elections if the effort failed.” The fact that the president is threatening people of congress livelihood because they are not in favor of him repeal, is a showmanship of him abusing his power.

Mr. Trump and his way of making things happen are very much so going against a lot of philosopher’s views that I have studied in class. For example, in my opinion, the Nature of Consequentialism states that first you should identify what is intrinsically good -valuable in and of itself, and worth having for its own sake. Next is identify what is intrinsically bad or is it bad all by itself? This might include physical pain, mental, and the betrayal of innocents. Then determine all options and for each option, determine the value of its results. How much of what is intrinsically good will each action bring? How much of it is intrinsically bad? Finally, people should pick the action that best balance the highest ratio of good to bad results. What he is doing is not optimizing the good, he is just forcing his power for the repeal on Obama Care so that he could do model it to whatever he wants. Not that I am in support or against of this, I’m just saying that threating people to side with you is not a way to go


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