BP #8 – Racist “Trolls” Deceive Black Communities Online

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Social media is often an expressive outlet for political opinions. In recent years, the black community throughout America has created their own group(s) within social media to discuss issues of racism and police brutality. Unfortunately, those who are a part of this community are often subject to interrogation by Internet “trolls.”

Trolls are people who seek to instigate and bait others for argument and harassment online. Although trolls have been common in recent years, there has been an increase of those who are white people pretending to be black in order to cause chaos within these intended safe online communities for black Americans .

These trolls often make racist and malevolent comments regarding black stereotypes, police brutality, and deceased victims of racist violence. In making these comments, these trolls intend to cause doubt among the black community, hoping that they will generate arguments and negative hostility.

Clearly this is an act of deception. Specifically, this falls under the lying part of deception. These Internet trolls intend to create false doubt within the black community, hoping to evoke a feeling of distrust that will cause some of these individuals to argue with each other and not trust who they are talking to.

One of the specific instances cited in this article was about a troll that pretended to be a black woman on Twitter. They used their fake platform to make a false claim on behalf of the black community stating, “If my son were to misbehave, I would be okay with police brutality.” These kinds of comments are intended to be malicious and evoke a negative response, therefore being highly unethical.

While some people may be able to easily identify trolls and dismiss them as a joke, this deception cannot be justified. This “trolling” is an act of racism that has ill intent to cause distrust and anger at a targeted group of people.


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