BP #8

Link to article about internet privacy law.

Privacy rights has become one of the biggest topics in politics recently. Never has it been so easy for corporations to buy and sell information about you. Easily gathered from different sources like Facebook or Google. We live in a time were many people have lost their trust in both their government and businesses. In order to gain back some of that trust the government passed a set of rules last year aimed at protecting consumers’ online data from their own Internet providers. This week, however, the Senate lawmakers voted to repeal that same law before it can go into effect.

The law prohibits providers from abusing the data they gather on their customers as they browse the Web on cellphones and computers. Now Republicans are arguing that it is too harsh on internet service providers.

This law, and the discussions about it brings up an interesting question. Just how much privacy should the average citizens expect in today’s online society? As Hobbes has said in his political theory the State of Nature because humans are rational beings we are willing to give up some of our liberty, in order to gain safety and security. The question then becomes how much liberty should we give up?

I believe that we are at a point where we are giving up too much of our own liberty for very little gain. Even our own government spies on us constantly. Now that same government wants to give that kind of right to corporations. In today’s society everybody is constantly online for one thing or another. If internet providers can just sell that information as they please little about your life will be private. I believe that as a society we need to take a good look at all our liberties that our own government is slowly chipping away at. Then ask ourselves just how important are our liberties?


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