BP #8

Funerals being families and loved ones together during dark times to remember the life of the person they have loss. In Chicago, funerals have become increasingly violent due to gang activity. Gang members show up at funerals to score points with gang leaders. How can such a terrible act such at committing murder and acts of violence at a funeral become a normal act of duty even in gang-life? Conte theory test if an action is a duty using the universal law formation and I will use the same law to justify this new gang norm. Conte theory first test if this maximum action can be done by everyone and the answer is yes, all gang members are capable of committing acts of violence at a funeral. The most important part of the test is whether the actions becomes self-defeating if everyone where to do it. If everyone, including those not affiliated in a gang where to commit violence at funerals, it would indeed become self-defeating but mostly to gang members. If everyone where acting in this extreme way, gang leaders would not be awarding points to their followers. As unfortunate as it is, gang violence at funerals is an act of duty assigned by gang leaders and carried out by their members.


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