BP #8

A new vaccine has been found for the disease rotavirus. This virus kills about 215,000 children under the age of five, every year in the following countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Democratic Republic of Congo. This virus is said to be extremely cheap and easy access to these children. It also lasts months without refrigeration making it a good resource for villages who do not have electricity. But because these countries live in such poverty and children do not have daily access to foods with the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals, they say this vaccine may be less effective and decreasing the amount of protective bacteria of the gut. Since many medical personnel have started giving out these vaccines, they have seen many children get discharged from the pediatric unit and less and less sick patients.


With finding new, affordable, reliable, and accessible vaccines always come with regulations. The World Health Organization must approve of it before it is released as well as other FDA regulations. Also what comes with very popular vaccines is money. In this article it talks about keeping the price of these vaccines at a lower cost so the people who live in and under the lower class can have access and then raise the price as they go up each class of individuals in order to keep a profit going. My concern is how will all these children get access to these vaccinations if they actually cost something. In third world countries, these ill kids can’t afford a carrot or an apple a day let alone a vaccine. Although, with these vaccines they would live a happier, healthier life. I just want to see, one day, vaccines help these third world countries decrease illness and increase life length. Living a healthy life in a community with no herd immunity is very dangerous and must be destroyed before any of these people can get better.    


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