BP #8

This article is about Bob Baffert and his long term journey with thoroughbred horse training. Baffert explains how he made it from the very bottom all the way to the top of this big money business. . He explains that it was never about the money for him, he did this because of his love for the horses and the sport itself. It was a long journey with many up’s and down’s but even when he wanted to give up, he kept pursuing his dream.  Since then, Baffert has become the most well-known horse trainer around the world. He recorded two world cup victories as well as the sweep of the triple crown a few years ago with the horse American Pharoah.

I think that Bob Baffert is a good example of McFall’s idea on consistency among belief and actions. He is living proof of integrity because just when things got hard and he wanted to give up, he kept pushing himself and ended up at the top. He stood up for what he believed in which was his love for horses and the sport. He explained that it wasn’t about the money for him and I think he proved that because he started from the very bottom of the spectrum and it took him years of hard work to advance. Baffert is a great example for other people who are pursuing their dreams not to give up and that with hard work and a good outlook on life, dreams can come true. By staying consistent and acting towards what he believed in, Bob Baffert has become one of the most famous and successful horse trainers in the world.



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