BP #8 Revised


YouTube is one of the largest video platforms on the internet and a great tool for advertising. It offers a place to play video ads. Similar to advertising on Facebook, the advertiser can chose some general demographics of the target audience they want to reach such as age, gender, etc. Lately, some big companies such as AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, and Lyft have announced they would pull their ads from appearing on Youtube because the automated system has “too often” cause their ads to be placed next to offensive material, such as hate speech.

When ads are played next to other material, it is natural for consumers to connect the ad to the material. When these ads are placed next to offensive material consumers may begin to think the companies hold similar values.

Companies pulling their ads from YouTube are displaying McFall’s idea on integrity. McFall believes that in order to have integrity, one must have consistency between there actions and their beliefs. These companies do not believe in values that are displayed in the hate speech so they are disassociated to remain consistent in their beliefs. Calhoun’s stance on integrity is that concealing ones views from others shows a lack of integrity and a failure to see ones views as important to others. Since these companies took a stance for what they believe in they are following Calhoun’s believes on integrity. If they would have continued to let their ads run, they would be disregarding their views as important to others.

These companies are losing a great potential platform to advertise on, especially to the younger generation who are watching television less and turning to online. Of the three companies, Lyft is likely to be most impacted by pulling their ads from YouTube because of their younger target audience. With Uber’s scandals being so prevalent in the news lately, Lyft as a brand has been taking the stance for what they believe in, displaying characteristics of both McFall’s and Calhoun’s stances on integrity.


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