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Graffiti Can Actually Be A Good Thing For Cities

Art can be seen as a way of life. Art is beautiful and can help people to express themselves. Art can tell a story without words needed at all. A certain type of art that is discussed in this article is graffiti. When people see graffiti there two thoughts that usaully go through peoples’ minds. The first is usually a positive outlook, and the second is usually a negative outlook. Graffiti can be way that people can showcase their talent and communicate messages to the city or area that the work is in.

According to this article “To focus on this constructive creation, Verel explored how graffiti murals are created in Jersey City and Trenton in New Jersey as well as in New York City. With titles like “Art that Lifts a Struggling City” and “Back in Action under the Tracks,” the studies seek to expose a bright underbelly to areas that have experienced hardship, or viewed as desolate and colorless.”

In the article it is stated “independent graffiti murals” that are designed and implemented by artists with a personal connection to the neighborhood in which they are installed — and in many of the cases, are created with the permission of the building owner. This relationship can then help develop positive interactions between businesses and members of their community.

After some research i found that Kant supports graffiti. According to Kant ‘It is because morality requires we rise above ourselves that such an exercise in selfless attention becomes obligatory. Judgments of pure beauty, being selfless, initiate one into the moral point of view. “Beauty is a symbol of Morality,” and “The enjoyment of nature is the mark of a good soul” are key sayings of Kant.

Sources: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/patrick-verel-graffiti-murals_us_56410c62e4b0307f2cae911a



2 thoughts on “BP #8

  1. Here in the U.S. graffiti usually is seen as a negative thing. But in other countries it is seen as art and a way for people to express themselves and to put their mark on their city. Cities like New York and even Detroit are starting to be more open to art around the city to brighten it up and to add more character to the city.


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