Blog Post #8

Professional responsibility is a concern for anyone in the work place, whether it be a part-time job or holding a position in politics. The difference is that some jobs carry a broader impact to our society and affect a wider range of people. In today’s post I wanted to talk about a politician named Duncan Hunter, who used campaign funds for his own personal use, including tuition payments, family trips, and more. His use of campaign funds has added up to be over $60,000 dollars worth of spending.

This article could take many forms, each one expressing how this is ethically wrong, but I want to apply Davis’ ideas of what it means to be a professional. The main talking point for this blog is malicious obedience and how Mr. Hunter consciously misunderstood the rules of his power/position. Davis says that following the rules is acting as a responsible professional, the rules set the standard for professional conduct.The intention of Hunter may not have been intentionally malicious, but by abusing his position and using campaign funds for his own benefit, wrongfully spent funds. Even if Hunter didn’t know if he was allowed to spend this money, he still would have been following a negligent obedience.

Anyone who is holding a position in public office should know the fundamentals of both professional and personal ethics. Hunter may have not known that what he was doing was ethically wrong, but he shouldn’t be let off due to ignorance or misunderstanding.


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