BP #8

Link to article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/california-congressman-faces-federal-campaign-finance-probe-1490300115

The Office of Congressional Ethics suspects California Republican Duncan D Hunter of spending tens of thousands of campaign funds on personal and pleasure items such as jewelry, family travel, groceries, school uniforms, and health care. There is a federal law against spending campaign money on personal items so they were planning on deeply investigating Duncan Hunter.

However, according to the article “The Justice Department generally asks congressional panels to defer action out of concern it could jeopardize their own investigation into the matter.” Therefore they have sent the investigation to the House of Ethics Committee. The Justice Department has this rule because of the issue of bias, which we have discussed in class. They need to make sure that everyone is getting fair and unbiased judgments in order to maintain a just society.

Duncan Hunter’s defense attorney stated that Duncan put about $60,000 into the campaign fund recently “out of an abundance of caution.” To me, this sounds like he is guilty and trying to cover his tracks. Duncan Hunter succeeded his father in 2008. So if he is actually found guilty for these acts, this will not look well for his family name or the people who appointed him.

As a member of the Republican Party in Congress, Duncan Hunter is supposed to be a trusted man. People trust on him to do well and represent the people. The fact that he is using money that is not intended for his personal expenses is unethical by every standard. If he is found guilty, he will lose respect and credibility from people. He will also lose his integrity, especially since he is denying it so boldly. Lying and manipulating people will also cause some of his integrity to disappear.


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