BP #8

Barry Cadden, the former pharmacy executive and the President of News England Compounding Center was acquitted of 25 counts of second degree murder after a menegitis out break was connected to a compounding pharmacy located outside Boston. Steven Seene of the New York Times reported, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that some 13,000 people in multiple states could have been injected with the possibly tainted medicine, and recipients waited anxiously to see if they developed symptoms.” This Wednesday, the first trail regarding this case took place and ended with a split verdict. The United States attorney for Massachusetts, William D. Weinreb said “Mr. Cadden was being held accountable for serious crimes, despite the acquittals.” After investigation was done on the compounding pharmacy outside of Boston was done, contaminated medicine, expired medicine, and dirty/ unsantized tools and compounding work rooms were found. Prosecutors stated Mr. Cadden knew the drugs could have been contaminated, but that “he recklessly disregarded industry regulations in pursuit of higher profit.” Caddens profession as a pharmacist gives him the responsibility of a health care provider meaning he must follow state and government health regulations put in place by the United States and failed to do so in order to cut costs. Although, Cadden may have a single client he over sees pharmacists and staff that do meet directly with a single client and he is the one who is responsible for making sure the client is given the proper medication he could be considered a consulting professional. Like Bayles stated, consulting professionals like pharmacist and care givers have more responsibility to act ethical than those who are not professionals. Clients of the compounded pharmacy trusted that Cadden was knowledge, honest, and provided them with the proper care.




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