BP #7 Controlling Police Surveillance

The New York Police Department has been known to violate rights of its citizens through illegal surveillance. A new agreement was revised and approved by Judge Haight on Monday, issuing a better check on the New York Police Departments surveillance to protect the nation against terrorism. “It strengthens oversight in a way that will serve as a check on illegal tactics while giving the department the freedom it needs to pursue legitimate counterterrorism investigations.”

To have integrity is to have consistency amongst beliefs and action. The New York Police Department believes in enforcing the law and abiding by the constitution. However, actions of the department fail to coincide with their beliefs when they violate civilian’s rights through illegal surveillance. Of course the police department does want to act for the right reason, that being to fight terrorism. The problem is targeting and investigating Muslim groups because they are Muslim groups.

The issue dates back to the 1960’s when surveillance investigations took place in attempt to stop groups like the Black Panthers. In 1985 a settlement issued the city to not investigate political or religious groups unless they were connected to a crime or one that might occur.

Today, in order to control police spying, Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a revised settlement that appoints a civilian representative to oversee counterterrorism activities. This representative will communicate with the judge about compliance with the guidelines and report about how well the department sticks to their legal duties.This should help keep the department in check with consistency between their beliefs and actions.

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