BP #7

The Cost of Deceptive Politics

Most people would say that deception is mainly one thing which is lying. Although, that may be somewhat true there are different kinds of deception. For instance, there is lying and there is omission. Sometimes deception is not as terrible as it may seem. Although it can be unethical all deception won’t manipulate people. That is the difference between lying and omitting. Lying is when state something that you know is completely false is true when trying to manipulate people into believing what you have to say.

In this article the cost of deceptive politics  and the way that it is done are the hot topic. It discusses how people are manipulated by politicians.”At the heart of our ad-saturated democratic process is a moral paradox. Politicians raise and spend billions of dollars to convince us to trust them with the responsibility of governing us.” In this quote that i pulled the phrase is ‘spending billions of dollars to convinceus’ which there in itself screams deception and lies.

Also, in this article it talks about another deceptive thing that politicians do is twist words. For example, “In politics, lying by distorting facts takes many forms. A common tactic is to pull a remark out of its original context and depict it as meaning something the speaker never intended. A notable instance is Republicans’ deliberate misconstruing of Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment about how business relies on public investment in infrastructure”. That is a clear representation of of candidates treat each other when in the running for campaigns.

As i said earlier that there is a cost to deceptive politics. There is a monetary cost and there is a cost of a trust factor. In the article its stated that billions of dollars are spent on deception. From a moral point of view, what’s wrong with deception is that it is a betrayal of trust. “You cannot deceive someone unless they trust you, believing that you’re being truthful with them. When you succeed in deceiving them, you exploit that trust, using that person for your own ends”. When you deceive someone it can destroy ties and bonds, but for the sake of the blog the politicians are destroying trust that they have been trying gain by lying.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-radcliffe/political-lies_b_2094820.html



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