BP #7

When the month of March comes around, its quite easy to know what major sporting event is coming upon us. March Madness is a countrywide basketball program that offers a 68-team tournament where only the best teams in the nation play. Now they call it March because it’s obviously in the month of March, but more because of the madness part because any team could win at any given time.

What’s most exciting about March Madness for most people is the bracketology; this is someone’s attempt to fill out a bracket in hopes to try and create the very first perfect bracket. So many have tried, and so many have failed, but there are now thousands upon thousands more this year trying to have a perfect bracket once again.

Now doing as many brackets as you please is harmless, but if you bet for money it can start to get pretty competitive. While some may choose to do a free and legally documented bracket online, some may choose to bet with their friends and do an illegal bracket pool. While the government says sports betting needs to be done through a program, most do not listen and do it on their own still because ethically it’s not that big of a deal and it’s just too much fun.

Winning a March Madness bracket pool can bring much intrinsically and instrumentally valuable happiness towards someone. It can bring much pleasure as they get to brag to their friends that they did the best job out of the group, they also most likely get wealthier as they just won a pool of money, and they get honor from their friends as the person who did the best for the 2017 March Madness bracket.

This year is just another year of brackets being done and most likely another year of another imperfect bracket. But as long as people get to fill out a bracket themselves and get competitive with their friends, it can end up being fun and who knows, possibly could end up with a little bit of happiness from producing the winning bracket.



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