BP #7

To cut off Planned Parenthood would reduce access to birth control for many women under the Medicaid insurance policy. The congressional Budget Office claims this would result in thousands of additional births. Since Texas has cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, Medicaid pregnancies have increased by 27 percent. This article claims Planned Parenthood is not only about abortions. Abortions make up a small percentage while birth control and STD screening are more commonly used. All while defunding Planned Parenthood, it would cost us American’s millions of dollars. If PP were to be completely defunded, Medicaid spending would go up as much as $130 million dollars within the next ten years. Losing money is just as important as losing these patients because Medicaid women do not have access to an affordable health facility. Since Texas has defunded every PP, not even 25 percent of those patients have gone to the clinic they were transferred to because it is too expensive. We do not want these women to fall of the radar.


Defunding Planned Parenthood will throw a lot of Medicaid people out on the streets with no health plan, no access to any affordable health related materials, and just no health care at all. When these Medicaid patients come in to Planned Parenthood, they are more than likely not getting abortions (according to this article and many many more references). They go in to get birth control or STD screenings or even just the annual Pap smear. And if that pap smear comes back abnormal they go back in to make sure it is not a certain type of cancer. For these Medicaid patients, they would not go the lengths of these processes if it were any other facility. Planned Parenthood offers much more to the poverty of this country. So are these republican’s doing this because they really think this is a good thing and it is just of them to defund such a popular health facility for people who cannot afford the health clinic that doesn’t take Medicaid. These patients believe this is unjust and so unfair. All in all, I believe this comes down to the health of people. If people cannot afford health care, someone or something is failing the system. Everyone should be provided affordable health care no matter what kind of people they are or what kind of insurance they have.


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