BP #6 Uber Executive Resigns

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Amit Singhal was immediately asked to resign after failing to disclose a claim of sexual harassment from his prior job at Google, which was the reason for him leaving the organization. Google was going to let him go due to the issue, but Singhal resigned on his own and mentioned no claim in his notice. He was a strong executive at Google for over 15 years and no such claims have come about, until now. Just over a week ago, it came to light that Uber “had ignored female employees’ complaints of sexual harassment.”

Uber’s Human Resources department has recently been ignoring sexual harassment claims from numerous employees and just brushing it under the rug. The dismissal of Singhal leads the community to believe that Uber will change the way they deal with sexual harassment claims in the future.

This is relatable to the lack of integrity. It seems as though Uber is only taken the corrective action because of the publicity that came about with the female employees. Uber lacked integrity in the sense that they only thought it was unethical once it became in the public eye. Ignoring the claims for so long is very unsettling and I think that Uber needs to take serious action and reevaluate their Human Resources department. Hopefully, Uber will start taking these sexual harassment claims more seriously now the community is aware of the on going issues.


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