BP 6 Masayoshi Son bet for Trumps Economy


In the article, it states that Masayoshi Son is the world’s largest technology investor and that he is preparing to all up he’s bet on the Trumps Economy. The way he plain to do is by creating jobs in the United States. Helping them advance in the technological world while helping in Trumps plain to create jobs too.

“Masayoshi Son, the billionaire technology entrepreneur from Japan, promised President Trump late last year that he would create 50,000 new jobs in the United States through a $100 billion technology fund.”

In the month of February, several executive from Masayoshi Sons company, SoftBank, spend a day in our nation’s capital talking to Trumps senior members economic team. In one of the presentations, SoftBank talked about the lack of advance digital investment and that the United States was at risk. For the rush to assess potential deals for Sprint, which is the 4th largest cell company operator, the Trump administration’s push for lower regulation and lower taxes has been a money maker for cash-rich investors world wide. With Sprint connection with T-Mobile, Comcast, and any large wireless or cable operator is no slam dunk. For years, federal regulators have opposed such transactions for fear of hurting consumers.

“… the Trump administration will push for a sharp increase in infrastructure investing as a way to kick-start higher levels of United States growth”. This is on the lines of virtue ethics. I choose virtue ethics because is this really the right action to go off of? Even if it benefits the minority, would it benefit everyone as a whole.


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