BP 6 – Trump’s taxes


This past Wednesday, March 1, Senate Democrats asked the Senate Finance Committee to review President Trump’s tax returns one day after House Republicans blocked Democrats’ pursuit of the documents. This marks the third time House Democrats have been defeated in the battle over Trump’s tax returns. At this point, i think it’s safe to say that President Trump will not be releasing his tax returns anytime soon.

After reading Immanuel Kant’s Kantian Perspective this week, I see striking similarities between the Kantian Perspective and President Trump’s decision not to release his tax returns to the public.

Immanuel Kant perhaps remains the most important voice of opposition to utilitarianism, and to its claim that the ultimate point of morality is to improve well-being rather than do justice. The The Kantian Perspective states that I should keep my money rather than pay it out in taxes, because if I keep it, ill be able to afford a wonderful vacation for myself and my family. And no one is going to suffer if I pocket the money, since it’s only a few thousand dollars that we’re talking about. There’s no way that money could bring as much happiness in the government’s hands as it could in mine.

I feel that this describes Trumps mindset perfectly. Even though we do not know exactly why Trump will not release his taxes, we can assume that it is to hide his dealings with Russia or to hide the fact that he has not paid his taxes. Whatever the reason Trump feels that by not releasing it, he is protecting his self interest and improving his own well-being, over doing the justice the American people deserve.


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