BP #6 -Racist Assault at Child Party Leads to Prison Time for Couple

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After interrupting an 8-year-old child’s birthday party with a racist tantrum involving guns, verbal threats, and problematic slurs, Kayla Norton and Jose Torres will spend a combined 19 years in prison.

Norton and Torres have a long-standing history of racism, as they are both part of a gang of white supremacists who regularly harass African Americans and other minorities with racist taunts and threats.

“I’m so sorry that this happened to you,” said Norton after fully accepting responsibility for her actions. “But I want you to know that it was not me,” she said, turning to the families on the bench that attended the party.

The social contract theory would support the sentencing given to both Norton and Torres due to their disregard for social contract rules. By openly waving guns and shouting racist slurs and threats to the victims in this situation, this gang broke social contract by intentionally causing distress to others.

A social contract is put in place so that all people are equal and have the same rights. Therefore a social contract, specifically in America, would not allow any sort of racist act of terrorism. An outward display of racism in itself violates a social contract rule, but by also intentionally terrorizing and trying to cause harm to a specific targeted group, this gang broke multiple social contract rules by suggesting that they were entirely above another race.

Those that have defended Norton and Torres have used the “right to free speech” excuse to pardon this act of racist violence. However, because our country does have its own social contract that condemns racism and threats to others, that kind of speech/action is not acceptable. Free speech is somewhat limited by the social contract theory, but for the sake of this case, it’s beneficial


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