BP #6: Muslim Americans Have Now Raised Over $125,000 for Vandalized Jewish Cemeteries (Kantian ethics)

Source: Democracy Now


In Philadelphia earlier this week, as many as 500 headstones at a Jewish burial ground were vandalized in the second incident of Jewish cemetery vandalism this week. During Trump’s speech to Congress, he condemned the attacks targeting Jewish communities, but this came just hours after causing outrage by casting doubt on the authenticity of the anti-Semitism regarding the crimes.

A campaign started by the Muslim community in Philadelphia, led by Linda Sarsour, began raising money for the cemetery and Jewish community in a show of solidarity. Within three hours they raised $20,000, and by March 1 over $125,000.

Looking at this act of kindness from the Kantian perspective, we can judge that the intention was an act of goodwill. This fundraiser was not only out of respect and duty to their fellow man, it was a show of support through these hard times. Sarsour and her campaign donors acted out of respect for the moral law, not from any other selfish inclination.

“I was just horrified that people or someone can desecrate a cemetery where there have been people buried there since the 1800s,” said Sarsour.

“I mean, these are people trying to rest in peace, and their families live across the country, and as a Muslim, I was very moved.”

Using the Universal Law Formulation, we can further determine that this act was from duty, a respect for moral law. To do so we must ask ourselves, “if everybody does it, does it become self-defeating?” If everybody donated to this cause, the act wouldn’t undermine itself or become impossible to do. It would produce only good, and therefore it does not fail the test.


Subject topic for speech: I think I would like to cover the ethics of upholding/reinforcing environmental protection/law.


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