BP 6- Integrity and Olympic Doping

Vladimir Putin finally opened up about the unfair competition Russia has cultivated in the Olympic games through doping.  Although he openly discussed the drug problem, he never directly stated that the government played any part in the cheating. Putin recognized that the Russia’s anti-doping system had failed, but neglected to discuss the Moscow controversy, in which it is estimated 1, 000 athletes were pushed through the monitoring process with drugs in their system. In some years, government officials have been found retesting or even switching out the athlete’s urine samples so that the pass.

This entire controversy brings to question which past Russian victories are honest and fair, and which ones are not. As more research is done, it is possible that the records will need to be rewritten.

The Olympics are intended to be the epitome of full and fair competition. They provide one of the few times the world is able to come together under one roof in peace and appreciation. Putin neglecting to admit to his countries’ unacceptable behavior not only shows a lack of integrity, it compromises the entire Olympic games as a whole.

McFall explains a person of Integrity as someone who is willing to bear the consequences of their actions, even if those consequences are extremely unpleasant. In this case, the repressions may entail the stripping away of Olympics medals and Russia’s total loss of credibility. Instead, Putin is acting in his own interests. He is actively seeking his own pleasure(and that of his country), and because of it there is room for conflict and resolution. Integrity can be found in the reaction of social situations, it is the willingness to hold true to what is good and virtuous. As Russia fights back the truth of the matter, it becomes obvious that they are seeking pleasure and approval on a very shallow level.

This brings forth the implication of power. In unethical situations where it is possible to get away with something, it is part of human nature to do just that. Although we frown upon Vladimir for committing obviously wrong acts, he is acting very similar to the way most of us would given the opportunity.


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