BP #6

A riot in a Nebraska Prison leaves two inmates dead and others injured. The riot consisted of 40 inmates in a housing unit consisting of 128 inmates. The inmates initiated the riot by lighting a fire in the prison yard and proceeded to throw their mattresses into the fire. I question the intent of the correction officers involved in the resolution of this riot. The article does not give any evidence that the prisoners were committing acts of violence towards the officers. In fact, no correction officers were injured in the riot. I question their intent because not one but two prisoners are dead over setting a fire in the yard. I accuse the officer of taking advantage of the situation to strike fear in the minds of the other inmates and to assert power. For all we know, the correction officer(s) who did the killing could have a past with the now deceased inmates. Most utilitarians claim the rightness or wrongness of an action is determined by its actual results, not its expected results. The officers killed two people so regardless of their intent or method to de-escalate the situation, they are in the wrong. If those who are investigating this case hold a utilitarian viewpoint, these officers should be expected to punished to the full extent of the law.


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