BP #6

GVSU finally did reach an ongoing settlement in court with a select student group that included restricted free speech. The student group had came up with a free speech zone policy that includes two small speech zones on campus that are only open at certain times, as well as other restrictions. The agreement of the policy was announced on March 1st, as well as an agreement of the reimbursement of the $11,025 of the student groups legal cost.

This lawsuit had once started because of an October 17th incident that included a free speech act that was being done in front of the GVSU’s clock tower. They were later confronted by faculty and police about such acts and were forced to stop. While GVSU’s paid staff thought it was once wrong, GVSU students believed they were only exercising their first amendment rights of free speech and weren’t doing anything wrong and decided to take it to court.

This disagreement can directly correlate with Kantians theory of duty. Students thought that taking this battle to court was the right thing to do for the sake of duty and that it did indeed have moral worth. In accordance with duty, this battle was contingent in a way that free speech is an act that can be related to many individuals. Now that this problem has a solution with its policies and restrictions, it will now be taken into consideration for future free speech endeavors.

The policy now brings more clarity towards the University and what is allowed to be done on their property. The GVSU students took this situation into their own hands because they thought it was their duty for the University student body. They looked at the situation as a categorical imperative perspective and saw that that this action was a duty of theirs; and they did what they had to do and came out on top.







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