BP #6


Critics are claiming that video games aren’t diverse enough. Tony Thornton, a student who was previously unfamiliar with writing video games until asked to help out on a project for a chicago based video game; addressed that fact of the lack of diversity in the video games. He brought this to light to video game producers when creating a game based off the diverse city of Chicago. This video game was intended to give the video gamer a first person view of a african american male growing up in the streets of Chicago. This video game is one of a kind and very different from the video games on the market. This could raise the question if video game producers are doing this to shine light on diversity or to make a quick buck on a new game that is different from the rest on the market. “I thought it was pretty gutsy for a young white guy from suburbia to be writing a game about a young black kid from the quote-unquote inner city,” Thornton said. The city of chicago would not be the city that it is without its diverse culture. Micheal Block, the inventor of the game; brought in Thornton to help tell the story of Chicago from an African American perspective. This could raise the question, did Block bring in Thronton because he was truely concerned about reasuring that diversity was represented in the game or was he just trying to avoid back lash for not representing diversity in his game.


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