No Protection for People who need it

Within in the 90 days that president Trump has been in office, many of the acts that he is trying to set in place and trying to appeal has created an uproar from the people. On February 21, an article on the New York Times was presented about the president reversing protections that the Obama administration set for students in the LGBT community. The president administration is expected to announce its legal position on a separate case before the Supreme Court.

“President Trump verge appears on the of reversing protections put in place by the Obama administration to stop discrimination against transgender students in schools, officials said Tuesday.”

The Obama administration stated that transgender students fell under the sex discrimination measures in federal funding under Title IX. Many people are worried that undoing the protections would open doors to further discrimination against transgender students. “Mara Keisling, who leads the National Center for Transgender Equality, called the prospect of a retrenchment “outrageous,” and Rob Flaherty, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, called it “a hugely consequential decision.”” He said last April, for instance, that he supported the rights of transgender people to “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate,” and he even stated that Caitlyn Jenner, “perhaps the most famous transgender person in the country, could use whichever bathroom at Trump Tower she wanted”. So why would the president reverse something that he even supported? Was it just for more of the votes from the LGBT community? This is a case that going against the morals of a Utilitarian. Impartiality is for everyone’s interests count equally. Making a revers on protection for a minority goes against the equality that is imposed by Utilitarian’s. In a since, justifying conventional moral wisdom is something that politicians and even big business do on a daily. They know the things that they do make people unhappy and some of what they do are wrong but since they are in power then it’s okay. What the president is doing is not helping grow as a country by trying to undo something that was meant to empower and help a minority group.


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