BP #5: Transgender boy is forced to wrestle against females at state championship (he is 52-0)

The Washington Post article on Mack Beggs, the undefeated high school wrestler from Texas is competing in the state tournament in Houston.

The only difference between Beggs and the other competitors is, Beggs is a boy.

Beggs is currently 52-0 verse all opponents but has yet to wrestle a boy. His dominance has upset many parents of his competition. One unhappy parent who argue that if Beggs identifies as a boy he should have to wrestle another boy. This spurred a lawsuit onto the Texas high school.

“Dealing with transgender adolescent athletes is probably the most difficult time frame to make a ruling. In the NCAA, there would be no question that Mack would be required to compete against men, but that’s not an option for him because of the UIL rule,” said a school official.

This leads me to criticized this article through the lens of Aristotle. Are the school officials, coaches, and parents acting virtuous in this situation?

I believe Aristotle would say no. The virtue of kindness tells us that when reacting to a situation we should respond appropriately and composed and this will lead us to a an act of kindness.

The school officials told Beggs he could either not wrestle at all or wrestle female competition who half the time chooses to forfeit due to their coaches not supporting Beggs decision.

Beggs “just wants to wrestle, for the love of the sport,” so, Aristotle would tell him to go on and allow him to wrestle whoever he wants without restricting because that is the virtuous thing to do.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/02/24/texas-policy-forces-transgender-teen-boy-to-wrestle-against-female-athletes-at-state-championship/?utm_term=.8dfe3955613a


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