BP #5 – Australia to Legalize Gay Marriage? Make the Optimific Action

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Same sex marriage has become less of a concern in the United States since its legalization in 2015. Despite the US finally coming to a legal consensus, Australia seems to be lagging behind on the legalization of same sex marriage.

Since the passing of a 2004 amendment to Australia’s federal Marriage Act, same sex marriage is outlawed. Despite this, polling indicates that a majority of Australians support same sex marriage and want it legalized. However, the only thing preventing Australia from fully legalizing same sex marriage is the Senate and fact that opponents of same sex marriage make a large amount money by creating campaigns to block the legalization of gay marriage.

Alex Greenwich, an independent member for Sydney of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly is hopeful about ratifying same sex marriage. Greenwich is advocating to create a free vote to be done by the Australian Parliament, which has a higher probability of legalizing gay marriage.

While the concept of same sex marriage is still controversial for some, there is no doubt that its legalization in Australia would be the optimific action. Optimific action in this sense would mean the best decision for the overall good and happiness of the entire community (Country of Australia). Since a majority of Australians support same sex marriage legalization, there is no reason to keep it illegal if it would make the most people happy.

As a matter of fact, Utilitarianism would argue that it is immoral to allow same sex marriage to remain illegal since it prevents a large amount of people from achieving happiness. The profit made from anti LGBT groups and personal opinions of government officials have no weight in the personal happiness of a large quantity of Australian citizens.


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