BP #5

The departments of education and justice under the direction of President Trump has decided that it needs to further consider the legal issues regarding transgender bathrooms in schools. By insisting that further research takes place it is implying that transgender students are not equal to the rest of the students that they attend school with. This is could pay a toll on their self-esteem and their rights and protection as a student.

Discrimination of transgenders in school has caused many students to drop out and can negatively affect them psychologically and financially. By not allowing transgenders to use the bathroom as they please is harming themselves more than it is harming non-transgender people.

In the United States we live and die by the concept that “all men are created equal” as stated in the declaration of independence. Or in other words, all people are created and treated equally. This ties into one of the two principles from the reading of equal rights and equal responsibilities. If all people are created and treated equally then why are we having an issue regarding what bathroom transgender students use?

This topic can also relate to consequentialism or acts that are morally right just because they maximize the amount of goodness in the world. In this case, trump and the departments of education and justice may feel that by doing more research on this topic is what is best for the country but what about what is right for the transgender community? They too are a part of this country.

It is hard to decipher this issue of transgender people because while it may seem wrong to allow them in bathrooms to some people, it seems wrong to others not to allow them to use the bathroom as they please. I think this is an issue that our country is going to have to figure out and eventually live with. As we continue to make changes to policies such as legalizing gay marriage, it is only fair that we make some changes for the transgender community as well. When considering utilitarianism, is it going to make transgender people more happy that they get to use the bathroom as they please, or non-transgenders more happy that they cant use the bathroom as they please? At the end of the day going to the bathroom is a private matter anyways, so are people really going to notice or be concerned who is using the toilet next to them?


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