BP #5


With a companies success like Apple, it can make you over look some of the companies more detailed elements. In this article from the Washington post, it goes in depth about, Apple in particular and it hiring practices and procedures. More specifically this article is about equal representation in the workplace. This has been a topic of some discussion recently throughout the internet about wether or not minorities are receiving an equal opportunity in the tech industry.

The article reveals many statistics on how diverse some tech company’s workforce actually are. The percentages shows mountains of evidence where there are not a diverse mix of people from different races throughout the big tech companies like Apple. Within a company like Apple most of the executive at the top of employment food chain are predominantly white males. Breaking down the stats further, in the article, it states that blacks and latinos only make up for about 5.3%, whites make up 68% and Asians make up 19.5% of the U.S. tech industry.

The main argument that many of the diversity advocates made within the article reflected utilitarian  ways of reasoning. The diversity advocates argument was that hiring and maintaining a more diverse work force not only helps the company but the individual minority groups as well. According to the article and the diversity advocates a diverse workforce can increase profits and revenues by big numbers.

The line of reasoning is basically parallel with the utilitarian ways of thinking we discussed in class. Utilitarian’s believe that we must perform the act that creates the greatest net balance of happiness over unhappiness. So in this case, the act that will create the net balance of happiness over unhappiness would be hiring more minorities so your company becomes more diverse and then therefore your company should be then making more money which will make everyone, who works at the company, more happy. This outcome not only complies with having a more diverse work force which will make people happier and then on top of that your company should be making more money as well.

Following this logic every tech company if they were smart would broaden the diversity within their own company’s work force to make more profits. Why isn’t every tech company doing this very thing if it were true? Probably because most tech companies are not impartial and do not equally weigh each persons interests which is a key of the utilitarian beliefs. Shedding our biases on people of minorities can become the only solution to resolving equal representation in the work place.


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