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Equal representation in the work place has been a huge topic of discussion in recent times. Many people say that minority groups are being unfairly discriminated against when it comes to employment. This Washington Post article focuses in on the tech industries hiring practices, and its underrepresentation of both minority groups and females in the industry.

The article shows percentages for how diverse some tech companies workforce is. Both for the bottom and top level. The numbers clearly indicate that many of the giant tech companies, like Apple, have not done a good job of diversifying their workforce. The top executive level especially is dominated by white males.

The arguments that many of the diversity advocates had in the article for why tech companies should hire more diversely was reminiscent of utilitarian reasoning. Their argument was that having a diverse workforce not only helps minority groups, but the company itself as well. They claimed that having a diverse workforce increased profits and earnings for a company by significant amounts.

This line of reasoning goes well with utilitarianisms way of thinking. Utilitarian’s believe that we must perform the act that creates the greatest net balance of happiness over unhappiness. In this case the act that creates the greatest net balance of happiness they claim is having a more diverse workforce. It not only makes the company employees happier, it also increases profits.

If this is true, then the question becomes why aren’t tech companies hiring more from minority groups? I believe that a utilitarian would say that it is because tech companies are not impartial. They do not consider everyone’s interest equally which is a key component of utilitarian belief. Until they do throw away their inherent bias people from around the world will continue to fight for equal representation in tech companies.

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