Blog Post #5- Ring of Gyges

Pope Francis spoke at the Vatican about faithfully practicing Catholicism. He criticized people who say one thing and then will do another. These are people who act in their religious observance by going to Mass, belong in associations and others. But do not apply the teachings into their daily lives. He says these are the ones who, “…don’t pay my workers a just wage, I exploit people, I am dirty in my business, I launder money”

What Pope Francis is talking about is an example of the Ring of Gyges. This is when a shepherd finds a golden ring that turns him invisible, this allows him to do what he wants with no one able to see him and no consequences to his acttions.

The examples Pope Francis uses show people who think it is “awesome” to harm others with no consequences. They do things that better their lives and do not care what happens to others. Glaucon believes that justice is not voluntary. People are just out of social compulsion, if there were no punishments for actions people would be unjust. Everyone would do things to better themselves.

To society when others are looking people act in a civil and Christian way, going to Mass and doing the things society sees as acceptable and being a good citizen. But as soon as people cannot see, they do bad things that should not be done. Pope Francis calls them hypocrites, he is right they say they are just, religious people and do unjust things to others. In their business and daily lives they do what they want because people are not watching them as closely. Glaucon says when you have the power to do just or unjust; people will be unjust.


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